It's the path that counts

In this area, we offer effective and innovative services to fully develop inner and inter-city roadways in areas with high technical difficulties and complex relief, which require the design and construction of
viaducts or stability and large-scale underground works.



Technical assistance and project management


Client: Metroplús
Administrative, legal and technical consultancy services during the Construction of
Metroplús Road Project in the municipalities of Itagüi and Envigado, in the metropolitan area of Medellín, in Colombia.

Client: AGESA Sociedad Concesionaria
Third Party Technical Office during the construction and operation of Gerediaga-Elorrio tax highway.

Client: OHL
Technical office during the construction of the access to Gibraltar airport. (Gibraltar-Great Britain).

Client: Interbiak
Construction Design and feaseibility of interurban road projects between Amorebieta and Muxika, and from Boroa to Igorre.

Client: Sacyr-Strabag-Concay
Technical Office during the design and construction of Autopista Al Mar 1 in Colombia.